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MAY 2020

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  • Place: Münchner Innenstadt, Maximilianstraße
  • Camera: LEICA SL2
  • Lens: LEICA 50mm APO-SUMMICRON-SL f2
  • Settings: ISO 100, 1/640, f2.2, Belichtungskorr. +0,3
  • Processing: Lightroom

The shot was not easy; I had to squat down in the middle of the street to take a picture of the Mercedes from a low perspective. Again and again there were cars that drove me away, I had to go fast.

It wasn't until I was developing that I saw that there were horses on the wall in the background - the ideal complement to the horsepower of the AMG Mercedes in the foreground.

I also took a full shot of the car. But I liked the composition with only the front of the car much better: It gives the shot more tension.

To present the motif beautifully, I used Lightroom to remove scraps of paper from the pavement and paint from the curb, repaired paint damage to the car and stamped stones away from the tire tread.

This three-dimensional impression of the bonnet and the headlight is something I usually only know from medium format cameras, but this LEICA station wagon shows its full potential.


This is a crop of about 2:1 on the headlight. And this is a heavily downscaled JPG image, so as not to increase the loading time of the website here too much.

It is unbelievable how sharp the LEICA shows this here. The 50mm focal length corresponds to the human eye. I only saw the AMG lettering inside the headlight when I developed this in Lightroom . . .